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RING 1   8.00am                           Judging of Ridden Horses (Ring1A) commences

               8.00am                           Dartmoor Heritage Ponies (Ring 1B) commences, Dartmoor

                                                      Ponies follow on

              11.00am                          Terrier Racing with Ian Brackenbury

              11.30pm                          Tigers Chidren’s Motorcycle Display Team

              12.00pm                          Judging of Heavy Horses (Ring 1B Class 15)

              12.00pm                          Judging of Side Saddle (Ring 1A)

              12.30pm                          Judging of Heavy Horses (Class 16 followed by 17) (Ring 1B)

               1.00pm                           Birds of Prey Flying Display

               1.30pm                           Judging of Private Driving (Class 20) (Ring 1) commences followed by

                                                      Judging of Concours d’elegance (Class 21) (Ring 1)

               2.30pm                           President’s Address

               2.40pm                           Parade of Vintage Tractors & Cars

               3.20 pm                          Judging of Archdeacon Fisher Memorial Cup for Overall Horse Champion

               3.50pm                           Presentation of Trophies

               4.00pm                           Tigers Chidren’s Motorcycle Display Team

               4.30pm                           Birds of Prey Flying Display

               5.00pm                           Parade of Foxhounds by kind permission of the Masters.

               5.30pm                           Terrier Racing with Ian Brackenbury









RING 2   8.30am                           Judging of Children’s Riding Ponies commences

              12.30pm                         Judging of Working Hunter Ponies commences


RING 3  8.30am                           Judging of Brood Mares & Youngstock (Ring 3A)

                                                      Judging of Shetland Ponies (Ring 3B)

               8.30am                           Judging of Welsh Ponies (Ring 3C)

               11.00am                         Judging of Arabs (Rings 3a & 3b) & Coloured Classes (Ring 3C)

               12.30pm                         Judging of Mountain & Moorland Ridden Classes (Ring 3)

               2.30pm                           Ramona Veteran Horses (Class 25 Ring 3) follows on


RING 4   10.00am                         Unaffiliated Show Jumping in the Stringer Equine Vets Ring 4


Judging of Sheep Classes 9.45am Judging of Cattle Classes 10.15am



Exhibitions of Vegetables, Flowers, Cookery, Flower Arranging, Winemaking, Photography, Handicrafts, Children’s Crafts, all found in the Horticultural Tent.

The tent will be open to the public after the judging has taken place at approx. 11am






General Enquiries Secretary Penny Keen Tel: 07511778641